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These days you need a strong online presence and robust website design for your business to succeed and thrive in the digital world. Websites have become the quintessential tool… much more than just showcasing your products or services. Its prime purpose is to connect with your target audience.


How are your customers going to find you?


Usually, they’ll do a Google search and then something will seduce them to click on your entry. Your website needs to be strategically designed to reflect your brand, its personality, but more importantly engage them in a smooth, logical and easy way.


Sounds simple enough. However, it’s definitely not the case that “if you build it, they will come.” Your online presence can make or break your success.


And that’s where we can help. Suncoast Digital has a team of dedicated and experienced designers and digital technicians who are committed to deliver you top-ranking web designs that propel your business to new heights.



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Did you know?

  • Not only do 97% of users find local businesses* through online searches
  • 54% of us make local searches once a month, and 12% search for local business every single day.
  • A Google 2019 study found that 60% of all smartphone users “click to call” or contact local businesses directly using search results.

The importance of mobile search

Perhaps most importantly, for running successful local businesses, we make sure your website design is fully mobile-responsive. And because customers come to you from desktops, tablets and laptops too, we ensure that all visitors—regardless of device—have a seamless and visually appealing experience. No more pinching and zooming, just a user-friendly interface that engages potential customers on the go.


The good news is Google prioritises mobile-friendly websites, which can boost your search engine rankings.


If your website is not specifically created to attract and engage local visitors, you may be missing out on business opportunities.

Call Suncoast Digital to arrange a free assessment of your website and to identify what needs to be reworked, reinvented, or created afresh. 

Are you looking for a website design company to create a beautiful new site that is a practical, high-performing customer-magnet?

We have a clear mission: to deliver web designs that don’t just look good but perform exceptionally well. We work closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges, to ensure that every website we create is tailor-made to meet your specific needs.


Do you…?

·         Need to boost your online visibility?

·         Want to generate more qualified leads?

·         Dream of increasing your conversions?

·         Want to grow your revenue?SEO Website Design and Keyword Research work together to get Google ranking


If you’re a savvy business owner then naturally, you’d answer “Yes” to these questions.


A great website goes beyond aesthetics. That’s why we focus on user-friendly navigation, responsive design, and search engine optimization (SEO). Our websites are built to engage visitors, keep them exploring, and ultimately convert them into your loyal customers. The magic doesn’t happen unless you have synergy of the whole triad.


It’s not just a website; you’re investing in the growth and success of your business.


Ready to take your local business to the next level?


Don’t settle for an average online presence; SunCoast Digital is owned by business owners just like you who have learned from being in there, boots and all: Professionals who have decades of corporate experience, consultancy prowess, and with small business success under their belts.


Contact us today for a free website design consultation and a custom quote



Want a Clever Website Design that Showcases Your Unique Offerings?

Need a web designer on the Sunshine Coast who will take the time to understand your needs?

We make no assumptions about you or your business. We’ll take the time to dive into and understand the key drivers and objectives your setup.


Your website must represent how you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and lead your customers to your most valued action in a cost-effective way. Your website only works if it can convert leads into customers (and hopefully lifetime ones!).


Your business, your brand, your identity, your products and services are unique to you. So, a cookie-cutter website just won’t cut it.

Want your tired old website renovated into a star performer that gets noticed?

Maybe both your image and your website design need a refresh. A website that functioned well 5 years ago is likely a dinosaur today and could be losing you money, customers and dollars to your competition.


We’ll work with you to understand your business inside and out, before creating the first line of code.


Can’t seem to find a web designer or developer who “gets” your specific business needs?

As entrepreneurs who have been successful in raising capital for start-up business (in the competitive food industry), business consultants and trainers of hard and soft skills, writers of content, with significant 7-figure success in the e-commerce world, we bring a diverse and comprehensive set of skills and experience unrivalled in digital agencies.


Contact us today to discuss your design needs and let’s start crafting a visually captivating website for your brand.

A great website design shouldn’t just look good: it also needs to cause an action

You want clicks… you want action.


There are plenty of reasons why beautiful websites may not get you the business growth you’re after. Design by itself is not a magnet for customers.

Put it this way, we’ve all clicked on websites that look stunning, but we navigate away from them within seconds. We ensure your website delivers both beauty and performance: You’ll have an excellent customer magnet which is an eye-catching online presence that performs to generate outstanding results for your business.


The special sauce is SEO


Attracting them is a behind-the-scenes game called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO). To rank as high as you can in Google takes great skill and is never a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a tailored approach that takes into account your specific goals, needs, and challenges.


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Every chosen image and every word crafted, is specifically targeted to appeal to your customer so they feel compelled to act, click, contact you, visit you, buy from you, or engage your business’ services.


That’s why we don’t offer cookie-cutter packages or generic strategies. We create custom local SEO campaigns that are designed to achieve your desired outcomes. Click here for more information about our expertise in SEO.


Your web designer must develop a site that is correctly structured under
the bonnet or Google won’t find it

First impressions matter but they have to be followed up by easy-to-use, clear, functional structure. With expert website design, nothing on the page is there by

chance, so your website can convert casual visitors to potential customers. A visually attractive functional easy-to-use website can be the difference between being remembered and being forgotten. We understand this, and we’re here to make sure your website stands out for all the right reasons.

Need a web designer on the Sunshine Coast who can tailor a professional site designed to suit your unique business and attract your customers?

We’re not just in the business of building websites; we’re in the business of building brand recognition and trust through thoughtful, practical, customer-centric website design that works for you.


Bottom line: Your website is all about finding and serving your customers. It exists to showcase your branding and offerings, all while prominently maintaining your brand centre stage.


Website tailored to attract customers and create sales

You need a website but what you should put up online?

Where do you start?

With aesthetics? Logo? Layout? Navigation? Coding? SEO? Where? 


We’ll help you take the guesswork out.


We have a very specific process and structure that assesses, in conjunction with you, exactly what goes online, and what precisely it’s meant to do.


Invest in a website that adapts and performs on all devices. Contact Suncoast Digital today, and let’s discuss how responsive design can be a game-changer for your online presence and business success.

Has Your Sunshine Coast Website Design Failed To Deliver Results?

Does your site have visual appeal and some information, but doesn’t create business?

If your website has been a placeholder—instead of a customer magnet and business conversion machine that creates new and increasing opportunities—then it’s not doing the work it should be doing.


Sometimes it’s as simple as laser-focusing on the core purposes of your business.


We’ll talk with you… business brain to business brain… to define who your customers are (we call this your customer avatar), and make the switch from a website that simply says how great you are, to one that answers the most asked questions, and responds to the highest needs of your potential customers.


When you do that, your appeal will stand out above your competitors, your search rankings will improve and your business’ bottom line will be boosted.

A professional website design firm can turn your non-performing site around and help you grow your business

A frustrated visitor is a lost opportunity. A frustrated visitor just hits the back button. We’ll design you a website with a relentless focus on ease of navigation as in integral part of beautiful design.


As skilled writers and authors we make sure every word does the heavy lifting. Information, articles and content all designed to inform and compel your ideal customer to act.

Fed up with your competition beating you with their online marketing?

In a world where the competition is just a click away, if you don’t provide a smooth user-friendly experience, customers will click somewhere else. We use the latest usability principles, conduct rigorous testing, and follow best practices to ensure that your website engages and retains visitors.


Our team meticulously plans and structures websites to ensure users can effortlessly find what they’re looking for. We create intuitive menus, clear call-to-action buttons, and logical pathways, making it a breeze for your audience to explore your content and take the desired actions.


Your website needs to be light on code so that it loads fast, and efficiently. If Google’s page speed tool deems your site to load too slowly, your site may be pushed below your competitors’ rankings.

Wondering why your website doesn’t show on Google or your business on Google Maps

For your website to be a lead generation tool, you need to optimize your navigation so that users are guided seamlessly through your online presence. But they have to find you first. Once they do, the job of your website is to engage your visitors, help them easily find the information they need, and then they will more likely convert into customers.


If you’re wondering why your website doesn’t rank (or ranks badly) on Google, then there are strategies and techniques that can get you moving in the right direction. When we get together, we’ll immerse ourselves in your business so we can diagnose what’s preventing you from shining. Maybe your design is not adequately responsive across all devices. Perhaps some critical infrastructure is missing under the hood!


Making sure that part of your website design integrates with Google’s Business Profiles and Map Box, is non-negotiable for any local business or mobile search result.

Has your website fallen into disrepair, or needs maintenance and security hardening?

Don’t we all wish that websites were a set-and-forget affair, that didn’t need security updates and maintenance? Well, they’re not. They need tweaking. Quite regularly.


Great gains can be made from a design and navigation refresh. The real magic happens when we take a deep dive into keyword research and SEO.


This is an in-depth process that is so valuable in improving your bottom line, we know that once you see how crucial it is, you’ll devote some regular budget to keeping your SEO primed for optimal results.

A helpful metaphor

A new car has a full tank of petrol and functions optimally. But for how long? Just as you can’t drive a car forever on that first tank of petrol, it can’t last long without a service or new tyres or brake fluid or oil.



The same goes for your website. You need fuel in the SEO tank of your new website. And we’ll deliver it brand-spanking new with a full tank. But at some point, it will need a top-up. You may also need nuts-and-bolts upkeep, servicing, maintenance, keeping up with algorithm changes and new security measures. For that you will need experts in SEO, site security and maintenance. Our experts keep abreast of changes that affect your website. We make the site maintenance tweaks and changes, suggest relevant articles, create the code to keep you vying for the top spots on Google’s and other search engine sites.

Looking For A Web Designer Who Knows Business Inside And Out?

Fed up with web developers who don’t understand sales and marketing priorities?

Look to the boutique agency with seasoned business professionals. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to grow your business, then we invite you to benefit from our decades of experience building significant businesses of our own. Our professional careers have been centred around sales, marketing, training, and consulting.


Want to deal directly with another business owner?

That’s what we offer: Partnering with like-minded business operators who have a track record in successful online business, website creation, SEO and maintenance, and more.


Frustrated at conveying your web marketing needs to designers who have never run a business?

Many agencies are run by university graduates with no real-world experience.


Nothing can take the place of running successful businesses. Partner with Suncoast Digital and our collaboration will draw on our decades of multi-pronged business experience including 7-figure success in the digital realm.


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